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Atlanta, USA - Salon. Thursday February 27 - JOIN US!

Arth, Switzerland - Salon. Saturday March 7 - JOIN US!

London, UK - Salon. Sunday March 22 - (COMING SOON)

Since October 2019, we have hosted salons in London, Oxford, Mountain View, Melo Park, Brussels, Berlin, and Mumbai.

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“For me the I.I is that friend you lost touch with, but can pick back up and go deep with at any second. It’s extremely intentional and unabashed in its quest; searching for good thought online. In a time with so much noise, I love anything that’s looking for a very clear and specific cut they’re trying to elevate.”

Reggie James, New York City

'Having co-organized a salon, I can sincerely say that my preconceptions [of the I.I.] were positively exceeded. Ten gathered in my living room, mostly strangers, and at the end of the night I felt appreciative of the open, thoughtful, varied, and amicable discourse in which I had participated. To me, the special facet of a salon is that it facilitates gathering around a certain theme or idea, and not necessarily a particular social group; however, after our few hours together, I felt happy to think that anyone present could become a closer friend."

Janey Muñoz, Mountain View

“I think there’s a general sense of foreboding in the mainstream/western pop media culture — climate change, politics of fear and isolationism, and things vaguely seem dark. For me, the spirit of the I.I. — of real friends coming together to connect, to break bread, to share their minds — is something that keeps me optimistic for the year(s) to come.”

Visakan Veerasamy, Singapore

"For me, [the Interintellect] is a chance to intersect with people I normally might not meet. Also, I’m a bit of a voyeur because life … but I appreciate the snippets I catch and that conversations can range from deeply meaningful to somewhat frivolous. I do love the idea of salons — some things can’t be explored or conveyed on social media.”

Monica Spisar, Oxford